May 24th ⁄ 11

Myeong-dong Kpop Stores How-To

Okay, I am making this post because I keep getting this same question over and over. It seems like everyone is coming to Korea this summer and they really want to go buy CDs and etc at these stores. I’m sure there are many kpop stores that can be found in Seoul, but these 3 are all located in the same vicinity and they are the cheapest ones I have seen. Here is how you get to the kpop stores in Myeong-dong:

  • Get on the subway from wherever it is that you are and transfer until you get to Myeong-dong Station which is on the blue line (Line 4).

  • For store #1 and #2, look for signs directing you to Exit 5 and 6. Once you swipe your transportation card and get pass the gate, stay in the underground station and look straight ahead. You should see a shops lining both the right and left hand sides and this is the Myeong-dong Underground Mall. 

  • There are two stores down here that I will refer to store #1 and store #2


Store #1

Location: on the left hand side of the underground mall

Notes: run by 2 guys; is smaller than store #2, has a lot more phone charms/wristbands

Price: Cheap; prices at store #1 and store #2 are either exactly the same or very similar and are the cheapest places to buy CDs and DVDs in Seoul (that I have come across). 


cellphone charms

T-Money Cards (Subway Transportation Cards)


Store #2

Location: on the right hand side of the underground mall; it consists of 2 shops directly across from each other and is run by a couple and a younger male who occasionally stops by. 

Notes: has A LOT of stuff that store #1 doesn’t have; is bigger than store #1; most of the CDs that I look for (ex. SNSD) are a little bit cheaper here; I would recommend this store because of the selection of merchandise that they have and because the price is either the same as store #1 or even cheaper.   

Price: cheapest you will find in Seoul as far as I know; prices are very similar to store #1 and sometimes even cheaper. 

2NE1 official lighstick


Store #3

Location: Migliore Department Store B1 (Basement floor 1). For this store, take Exit 6 and you should immediately see a tall department store to your left called Migliore. Go inside and take the escalator down one floor to B1. When you get off the escalator turn around and walk towards the direction opposite of where the escalator dropped you off (Ex. when the escalator ends, you are forcing the north direction, turn around and start walking in the south direction). Walk straight until you see CDs. 

Notes: run by an older couple who take turns watching over the store; they are both very nice people who always want to have a conversation with you; has mostly just CDs and DVDs and a few other goods (not as numerous as store #2). I don’t recommend this store because of the selection and price. 

Price: kind of cheap; it is still cheaper when compared to the big CD stores in Seoul but it is the most expensive out of the 3 stores in Myeong-dong. 


Good luck with all of your kpop shopping!!